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Designer Spotlight: Linda Lee Pratico

Linda Lee Pratico’s love for jewelry started at a very young age. Is it possible to transmit a love for jewelry through DNA? If so, it certainly happened here. At a very young age Linda learned to love all of her Mother’s collection of fine jewelry and spectacular pearls. Lucky for Mom, with Linda’s input, her Dad continued to add to her collection throughout their marriage. Linda’s personal jewelry collection started at a very young age, with her first piece of jewelry, something that she still has today, being a gold heart necklace that her parents gave to her when she was just a baby. As both collections continued to grow, Linda’s love and joy for stylish jewelry really became a...

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Designer Spotlight ... Tiffany Bean!

We are proud to showcase one of our favorite designers, Tiffany Bean!  Tiffany Bean is based in Portland, Oregon and has been designing women's apparel since 2010. Originally starting out to meet the needs of her customers at her boutique that she couldn't find shopping at markets, her style eventually started to evolve into what it has become today: classic, timeless silhouettes made of luxurious fabrics with a bit of whimsy and vintage styling. Her love of patterns and pattern play have created collections of mixed prints that are fun but still appropriate for work and daily life. Her signature pieces are staples that work throughout all seasons and will never be out of style.    

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